The Roll | Ingredients and Allergens

Default Ingredients (SeedBox Summer Rolls)
Carrot, cucumber, lettuce, rice paper, vermicelli rice noodle, sesame oil.

[Roll Name] - [Additional ingredients (allergens in bold)]

Tuna Mayo Tuna, mayonnaise (egg).
Scallop Mushroom - Mushroom, cherry tomatoes.
Norwegian Salmon - Salmon, dill.
Potato Delight - Potato, mint.
Roasted Lamb - Lamb, mint.
Roasted Pumpkin - Pumpkin, sesame seed.
Grilled Tofu - Tofu (soy), sesame seed.
Sriracha Prawn - Prawn, sriracha spice.
Grilled Blue Prawn - Prawn, mint.
Sriracha Chicken - Chicken breast, sriracha spice.
Rainbow - Purple cabbage,
Avocado - Avocado, sesame seed.
Grilled Chicken - Chicken breast, sesame seed.
Ebi Prawn - Prawn, seaweed.
Egg & Mushroom - Egg, mushroom, sesame seed.
Roasted Unagi - Freshwater eel, sesame seed.
Crabstick California - Japanese crabstick, edamame (soy)