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Seafood, Non-Vegetarian

Gather Platter

Gather Platter

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Indulge yourself with these well-balanced roll wrapped with calorie-dense rice noodles, crisp greens; topped with fresh proteins most from the seas.

What's in the box?
2 rolls, Norwegian Salmon
2 rolls, Grilled Chicken
2 rolls, Ebi Prawn
2 rolls, Blue Prawn
2 rolls, Crabstick California
2 rolls, Unagi
2 rolls, Sriracha Prawn

Comes with 5 free sauces:
Sweet Chilli
Spicy Sambal
Just Sauce (contains peanuts)
Salty Peanut (contains fish sauce)
Sour Garnion (contains garlic and onions)

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